Direct recovery of debt, get up to speed in this 60-second video

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AAT has launched a 60-second video tutorial on the government’s plans to take money directly from people’s bank accounts: Direct Recovery of Debts  (DRD).  We created  this quick video to get you up to speed in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea. 

The animation, presented by  Accounting Technician editor Ben Walker and AAT tax policy adviser Brian Palmer, outlines the Direct Recovery of Debts policy and shows why AAT and other accountancy groups are concerned and this consultation has come under much criticism.

Brian Palmer, AAT’s Tax Policy Adviser comments: ” The consultation seeks views on proposals that would give new powers to HMRC; allowing them to recover debts owed from taxpayers’ bank and building society accounts.

While we appreciate and endorse the fact that HMRC must be able to collect ‘established’ debts, we feel the consultation does not offer appropriate safeguards.”

This is a super-quick way to get to grips with the pros and cons of DRD. Also don’t forget we want to hear from you. We’re asking our readers to share their views on DRD by completing a quick survey – go on fill it in! To read more about how AAT has responded to the consultation, please take a peek here. 

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