10 must-read articles for Management Accountants

We’ve pulled together our 10 essential articles for Management Accountants.

1. Career profile: management accountant

What do management accountants typically do in their day-to-day? Does it still align with your career goals, or have you veered off-course?

2. What I wish I’d known before I became a management accountant

We hear from current and former management accountants on the best and worst aspects of their role.

3. The challenges of Big Data for management accountants

The management accountant role has traditionally been one of turning raw data into useful information. But what about when the amount of data is inconceivable? This is a major challenge; how can you tackle it?

4. How management accountants lead their organisation towards success

Focussing in on the strategic approaches of sales, we look at how an AAT qualified management accountant can adapt to the 4 main approaches companies may use.

5. How to apply management accounting knowledge in the real world

From risk management to negotiation, and even project management, we explore the real real world skills that are already in your arsenal.

6. Quality assurance – an accountant’s greatest asset to a business

From the creation of traditional variance reports, to producing detailed linked-budgeting and cost analysis, we look at the range of responsibilities you could take on in your role to make more impact at your company.

7. “Accountants must choose a more central role,” Mark Farrar

Mark Farrar, AAT Chief Executive outlines how the role is evolving, and most important for management accountants, how it’s time to look beyond business as usual, and choose to become more integral to your company.

8. 10 quick ways to communicate better

Communication is essential for a management accountant. A key part of your role is analysing data and communicating pertinent insights to decision-makers within your company.

9. Data analytics – part 5 – communicating insights and making a difference

Part 5 in our series on data analytics is an essential read for management accountants. Communicating your insights from data analytics effectively could see you make the biggest impact in your organisation.

10. Growth and leadership – what are your personal goals?

And finally, it’s time to review your goals. After reading through our essential management accountant articles, what’s your gut telling you; are you on the right path?

Further reading on developing your role, or perhaps choosing a new one;

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