All accountants should be Accountable

One third of accountants are unregulated. They cause two thirds of complaints – often without redress.

That’s why AAT is campaigning for regulation to protect consumers and raise standards.

Articles and opinion

Businesses need action not words over unregulated accountants

Reliable professional advice is a lifeline for businesses as they battle existential threats on all sides.

Politicians back AAT calls for tax advisers and accountants to be qualified

YouGov research shows MPs support AAT’s calls for all accountants to be properly qualified

It’s time to clamp down on repayment agents

The use of repayment agents is a problem for taxpayers, for HMRC and the tax advice market.

AAT’s Accountable campaign recognised in awards, but businesses still need HMRC to act

AAT’s campaign is nominated for an award, but HMRC is still soft peddling over the next steps.

Victory for AAT stance over compulsory PII

The Government has dropped plans to rely on compulsory PII to deal with poor professional standards.

AAT launches guide to protect consumers from rogue accountants

Real-life examples reveal missed opportunities, costly fines and even fraud when things go wrong.

Business and professional bodies support Accountable campaign

The public and businesses need the reassurance of professional body membership and qualifications

Insurers – compulsory PII is the wrong idea at the wrong time

Insurers believe HMRC’s plans to raise standards through PII are unattractive and ineffective

How other countries regulate accountants

Here’s what we can learn from how accountancy regulation works in other countries…

How regulation works for other professions

Other professions have adopted regulation to ensure high standards

AAT says Government must regulate the unregulated – now!

Phil Hall, Head of Public Affairs, explains why Government must act to protect consumers.

Read our free consumer protection guide

You will be shocked by the risks of using an unregulated accountant. Read our free guide and be protected

Research and press statements

70% say clients suffer at hands of unregulated accountants

AAT members give buyer beware warning to businesses over the use of unregulated accountants.

75% of MPs want tighter control over unregulated accountants

Three quarters of MPs want high street accountants and tax advisors to belong to a professional body

6 out of ten didn’t realise accountants may be unqualified

Business owners and the self employed say formal qualifications should be mandatory.

AAT says Government must regulate the unregulated – now!

Phil Hall, Head of Public Affairs, explains why the Government must do more to protect consumers.