The new AAT Lifelong Learning Portal has been launched

We’ve just launched a brand new hub for learning content and resources. The AAT Learning Portal is the new home for your study support resources and will allow you to track and evaluate your progress whilst managing all your key resources in one place.

We know our study support resources are very important to you. So, we wanted to make sure the new platform was as flexible as possible, to keep pace with the way you study and engage with media. 

The Learning Portal will still allow you to access all the same great resources, such as e-learning, Green Light tests, practice assessments and more. But, it will now be easier to use and have many more new features. 

What will the new learning portal allow you to do?

  • Access your AAT study support resources more easily
  • View your current learning activity
  • View your previous learning activity
  • Add review notes to resources, so you know which were useful to you
  • Add reminder dates to resources so that you don’t overlook them
  • View recommendations on topics that may interest you
  • Bring in resources from other locations, such as from your training provider or favourite blogger to help you with your learning

E-learning has had a dynamic makeover

With the e-learning modules, you have the opportunity to drill down on some of the key topic areas. With a blend of easy-to-understand facts, interactions and questions, you can retake these modules whenever you need to. 

Real-life scenario e-learning is a chance to bring together elements of what you’ve learned on that unit and tackle problems in an imagined workplace. Such as, calculate profitability ratios for your builder’s merchants or identify costs as variable, semi-variable or fixed in your garage. These unique scenarios help you through fictional scenarios that you may well encounter during your career.

Study support videos

Study Support videos are a fantastic way to review a key skill in a 2-3 minutes. These videos are presented by students like you using helpful animations to illustrate key learning points.

Green Light tests 

Green Light tests cover key areas within each unit. 

A traffic light system is used to highlight which areas in a unit you need to put more work in – scoring you red, amber or green based on your performance. 

Along with practice assessments and e-learning, Green Light tests are the perfect resource to help you prepare for your assessments.

AAT Learning Pods

Our Learning Pods are another fantastic resource for the modern student. Podcasts are a part of daily life now, and the award-winning Learning Pods series give our audience a chance to hear directly from some of the subject-matter experts in our industry. These delve deeper into key areas that students have historically struggled with, as well as suggesting exam-management techniques, general study tips and a few laughs along the way!

Learning activity search

Another great new feature is the ability to search for a keyword or phrase across all the resources, so finding help with a particular topic just got even easier. All the same great content is still there, all the same questions and interactions, but now even easier to navigate.

The AAT Lifelong Learning Portal is designed to support both students and professional members throughout their journey with AAT. Initially, the learning portal has been launched to you, our students, as well as training providers but the portal, will be available to all professional members later in the year.

Watch the video for a sneak peek

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