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AAT is launching a new programme of content on business skills in order to support employers and finance teams.

Over the next three months, the #AATPowerUp series will cover a broad range of skills and qualities financial professionals need to embrace to be successful in the modern workplace.

Mark Farrar, AAT Chief Executive, commented: “The world of work is evolving. Businesses are more aware than ever of the benefits of a diverse workforce which has the skills, knowledge, and talent they need to prosper.

“If we want a competitive, high-performing country of highly skilled workers, then it is important that we develop employees to ensure they have the chance to reach their full potential. AAT wants to play its part in supporting that.”

Changing skills requirements

The World Economic Forum predicts by 2022 the skills required to perform most jobs will shift significantly (The Future of Jobs Report), indicating that the future of work will be increasingly about skills training. 

Changes can already be felt in the accounting profession with automation and AI fuelling demand for new skills. 

A recent poll of AAT members confirms that it is now essential for finance professionals at all levels to have a more rounded skill-set. A full 75% of members said that “developing key business skills is essential to career success and progression”.

The #AATPowerUp Business Skills programme will cater for all AAT audiences, from apprentices and students to experienced members, and leaders of finance teams.

It will focus on the three most-requested in research. They are:

  • Leadership and management – 52%
  • Digital skills – 50%
  • Communication – 44%


The first pieces of content will feature foundational skills around confidence, motivation and personal communication both verbal and written.  

It will also examine rapport-building, managing client relationships, and the effect that creating a confident workforce has on productivity.

Digital skills

Automation is already altering the way financial information is processed and presented.

AAT will be responding to this with primers on acquiring basic digital skills to a miniseries on data analytics, visualisation, and reporting.

Leadership and management

Managing and leading change is a growing requirement for finance professionals, especially in uncertain political times. 

AAT will be offering tips and techniques and also inspiring stories of how others have achieved change.

Check back for updates

These are just some of the highlights we will bring over the next three months.

You can follow the latest on Twitter with #AATPowerUp, or check back here for more.

The content team are the owners of AAT Comment.

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