5 top tips: get more out of Twitter for your business

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In just eight years, Twitter has gone from a niche micro blogging site loved by celebrities such as the comedian Stephen Fry to a NYSE-listed multi-billion dollar social networking portal with over 645 million users worldwide.

Businesses are able to seamlessly research, target and communicate their messages directly to millions of existing and potential customers and clients. Rivals Facebook have seen a fall in the percentage users in the 18-29 year old bracket, while Twitter notes an annual increase of 4% to 31% according to Pew Research Center’s August 2013 survey. As the portal intensifies its efforts to turn its potential into income, opportunities for businesses looking to capitalise on Twitter’s large customer base are growing.

Here are five tips to boost your Twitter following:

  • Make sure to fully integrate your social presence with all communications. As well as adding a Twitter sharing button to a website or blog, include the handle on emails, business cards, letters and e-newsletters. Cross-pollinate between friends and fans on other sites such as Instagram or Facebook by sharing tweets and images
  • Tweet regularly and be willing to engage with followers. Use trending topics and hashtags as a way to spark up conversation with users but try to leave time between each discussion to allow followers to interact fully. Respond to the people who retweet and favourite your comments
  • Make your tweets as sharable as possible. Whether you use a clever joke, image or a famous quote, find a way of creating a personable yet timely tweet that will resonate with a broad audience and inspire them to respond to it
  • Be valuable. Twitter is a two-way street. Many followers will follow specific accounts for a particular reason. It might be that it makes them laugh, or that they gain knowledge from their tweets. Find what sets your tweets apart from others and incorporate it into your activity
  • Tweet at peak times. Think about when you, your family or friends consume social media most. If your target market is likely to work a regular office-based 9-5 job, make sure your most eye-catching tweets are from 7-9am, 1-2pm and 5-7pm

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Jermaine Haughton is a journalist and digital media professional.

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