Employers the key to apprenticeship success

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The Richard Review, which was released today, argues that the apprenticeship system should be re-designed so that employers are paid to buy the training they think works best. Suzie Webb, AAT’s Director of Education, agrees

It’s highly important to the further education system that employers across industry sectors should be the driving force in the apprenticeship framework which works best for their business needs.

In order to create a sustainable and economical workforce, employers and young people both need apprenticeship opportunities that deliver. This will ensure young people get qualifications that meet the needs of the job market and employers get the skills they are so desperately lacking.

The term ‘apprenticeship’ has been too long perceived as inferior to other forms of higher education, and this has to change. As a society we have to work hard to invest in apprenticeships to raise standards and ensure all apprenticeships are delivering tangible results.

The Richard Review

The Richard Review

The Richard Review – an independent report on the future of apprenticeships by entrepreneur and educator, Doug Richard – was published today. AAT responded to the team undertaking the review and its response is included in the final report.


Suzie Webb is AAT's Director of Education & Development.

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