Emma Thompson refuses to pay tax after HSBC scandal

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Emma Thompson and her actor husband Greg Wise have said they will refuse to pay “a penny more tax” until those involved in the HSBC scandal are imprisoned.

Last week it was revealed through leaked documents that the bank had helped some of its clients move money out of the UK in order to avoid paying tax.

In an interview with the Evening Standard, Wise said that the pair will go to prison if necessary. “I want to stop paying tax, until everyone pays tax,” said Wise

“I have actively loved paying tax, because I believe we are all in it together.”

“But I am disgusted with HMRC. I am disgusted with HSBC. And I’m not paying a penny more.

“Em’s on board. She agrees. We’re going to get a load of us together. A movement. They can’t send everyone to prison. But we’ll go to prison if necessary. I mean it. It’s going to be like 1848 all over again.”

HMRC has been criticised after failing to carry out a criminal investigation against HSBC, despite its headquarters being based in the UK.

The head of HSBC Stuart Gulliver has apologised in writing and has admitted that the bank’s bosses were shamed and humbled by the scandal.

Quizzed before a Treasury select committee on Wednesday afternoon Gulliver apologised to MPs for “unacceptable” practices at the bank’s Swiss subsidiary which he said had caused “damage to trust and confidence” in the company.

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