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Voting in the Council elections will help elect candidates that understand and represent your needs.

A record 28 candidates answered our call to broaden our skills and better represent our membership by standing for Council. Who will get your vote?

How to vote

You can vote from this page. To log in, you will need to enter both parts of the security code that have been either emailed or posted to you. More information is available on our Council elections 2023 page.

Why should you vote?

Reward your peers’ effort!

We’re grateful that the nominees devoted their time and energy to our cause, and we’d like to encourage everyone to reward their efforts by voting in this year’s Council elections. You can find their personal statements and cast your vote when you log in to the secure site.

Your opinion matters

Our Council members are responsible for creating and steering AAT’s strategic direction, helping guide our 2030 Vision and considering our corporate plan. It’s no easy task and we need to be sure they are up to it – and that they’ll bring the things you care about to the table.

Make sure everyone gets a say

Last year’s election brought in a range of new skills, especially in areas such as social media. It strengthened AAT in other ways, too. The better balance of age and gender has brought a wider range of perspectives and knowledge.

As a result, we have a great mix of people at different stages of their careers, including people with great corporate experience and those who know what it’s like to run a fledgling business right now, as well as those more seasoned in the role of a trustee. Our member base is huge and includes all sorts of accountants and bookkeepers – so we need a range of perspectives to make sure everyone gets a say.

Be an active part of the community

Members have great power to shape AAT’s direction and areas of focus. Your input informs our advocacy, helping us actively support members and meet your various needs.

By voting in the Council elections, you are supporting AAT. You’re also supporting those on AAT Council who are volunteering on your behalf to ensure AAT puts its members at the heart of all it does. It will only take a few minutes to vote for the candidates you would like to see representing you!

Christina Earls, AAT President

Representing you

Ultimately, we are a membership body created to represent you, from providing relevant information to advocating for your needs at a policy level. That means it’s absolutely essential that as many members as possible vote in these elections, and separately on the resolutions at the AGM. Your input will contribute to electing the most representative trustees for you, and keep our attention on the areas you want us to focus on.

We talk about being inclusive, but we can only achieve it with you.

Voting in the AAT Council elections 2023 is open, and closes at 11.00 BST on Tuesday 5 September 2023. Voting details have been forwarded to all eligible members. Log in to the secure site to read the personal statements of members standing, and to cast your vote.

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