7 habits of unconditionally happy people you can adopt today

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What does it mean to be happy?

For some it’s financial security, a good relationship and spending time with friends, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

For other’s it’s finding work that is fulfilling, pursuing a hobby that gets them ‘in the zone’s travelling the world. We need two things as humans to keep us happy – love and security. Once these basic needs are met we have a good basis for a happy life.

But here’s the rub – most of us base our happiness on outside factors. We are happy when we see something good in the world or something good happens to us. We are sad when something bad happens to us or we’re witness to some injustice or pain.

We are conditionally happy and unhappy – led by outside factors which are mostly beyond our control.

So what does it mean to be unconditionally happy?

Unconditionally happy people are positive, optimistic and generally happy irregardless of their circumstances or what’s happening in and to them. I’m sure if you think through all the people you’ll know there’s someone, that despite the conditions of their life always see the good in everything and are content.

That’s not to say they don’t feel pain, or are sad and upset sometimes, but they would say that the majority of the time they’re happy, and they don’t blame anyone or anything else for their feelings.

So how do you get unconditionally happy? It’s all about habits and we’re giving you 7 habits of unconditionally happy people you can adopt today:

1. Look for the good

Unconditionally happy people look for the good in every situation – the silver lining and lesson that they can learn. They allow themselves to feel whatever comes up – be it anger, sadness, joy or excitement, but they don’t dwell there too long if it doesn’t feel good. They switch to looking for what they can learn and move on.

2. Appreciate often

Spend time appreciating what you have and the world you live in. Too many of us are acutely aware of what we don’t have because we believe that when we have those things we’ll be happy. Unconditionally happy people refocus to what they do have and how lucky they are, and they don’t need more ‘stuff’ to be happy.

3. Expect things to go well

Two people can look at the same situation with completely different perspectives. It’s a choice. If you aim to choose optimism, and expect things to go well for you, you’ll find more often than not that they do. If you expect things to be hard, difficult and not go well, that’s what you’ll experience.

4. Find and follow your purpose

When you’re following your purpose in life – and you’ve found the mission or meaning that drives you to create, you’ll find happiness through that very purpose. Knowing that you’re contributing in a bigger way to the world is deeply satisfying and a habit that many unconditionally happy people adopt.

5. Meditate

I’m a huge advocate of meditating to quieten the mind and find a bit of stillness in our day to day lives. It’s no wonder it’s one of the most ancient practises humans have adopted and maintained. Being able to turn inward and focus our thoughts is proven to make you much happier – and all you need is 10 – 20 minutes a day.

6. Help others

I bet the last time you helped someone out – gave money to a Big Issue seller, helped someone carry something heavy or just did a good turn for a neighbour – you felt good? Selflessly giving support to another person is a hotline to happiness and unconditionally happy people look for opportunities to help others. Not just for the dopamine hit but knowing they’ve helped their fellow human being.

7. Be ambitious and set goals

This may surprise you – but unconditionally happy people can still be ambitious and driven people -but they’re setting goals not for monetary or material gain but for a level of happiness and joy they wish to experience. They measure their life through how they feel and put happiness as their utmost goal.


Jen Smith coaches entrepreneurs in social media.

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