How George changed his career with AAT in eleven months

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George passed all three AAT levels in eleven months. Now he’s working for a successful accounting practice in London. But only a year earlier he had no experience in Accounting and wasn’t even living in the UK.

George Tampakas was studying automation engineering in his home city of Athens but he realised that his heart just wasn’t in it. He took a job as an estate agent but after five years the difficult property market and fragile Greek economy meant he needed to find something else.

For the next seven years he indulged his passion for music by working as a DJ. But he wanted to shake things up. He wanted a new life and the promise of a better career.

“I decided that I wanted a new challenge; I wanted to move to a place where I could work hard, reach my potential and progress without limits.” So in September 2019, he packed his bags and flew to London for a fresh start.

No accounting experience? No problem

When he arrived in London, George initially planned to study Economics and he started researching University courses. But then he stumbled upon AAT and started thinking about a career in Accounting. And when he saw how he could improve his career prospects by adding these employer-recognised qualifications to his CV he quickly made up his mind.

“My passion for numbers, my interest in understanding how a company works, the economic control of an organisation, budgeting, revenue, expenses, investments and all the relevant aspects of accounting made me want to think no more and start studying immediately.”

Buzzing with energy, George couldn’t wait to get stuck into his studies: “my motivation and determination were so high that I wanted to learn more and more and progress.”

By October, George was working full time as a Lettings Agent and studying in his spare time with a goal of being fully qualified within a year.

“Eleven months later, in September 2020, I have managed to finish level 2, level 3, and level 4, while at the same time I have already progressed to the ACCA preparing for my first exam!”

So, how did he gain all three qualifications in less than a year?

He studied online with Training Link, and he was clear about the reasons why:

“I am a person who wants to feel independent, and this means that I don’t want to have time schedules and be bound to a set program. I want to study at my own pace and the more I study, the faster I will progress… Furthermore, without having to attend classes I have a more flexible program and this enabled me to study and work at the same time.”

Study AAT online and dictate the pace of your progression

It’s an incredible achievement to study levels 2, 3, and 4 in a year; this can only be accomplished by a huge amount of hard work. But speed is not the goal in itself. The goal is to gain your qualifications and kickstart your career – that may take a year, two years, or longer. And this gets to the heart of the advantage of studying online: control.

When you study AAT online with Training Link, you are in control. You dictate the pace of progression. You fit your studies in with your life. This flexibility is what has made George’s rapid progress possible, but it’s also made it possible for many other students to take their time as they balance work, family, and social lives.

It’s completely flexible. And as shown by the thousands of students over 25 years, there is no compromise on educational quality. Each course pack includes Training Link’s own printed study books and everything you could possibly need to get you through your studies including videos, mock exams, and additional resources. All of them are accessible in an online learning platform. And of course, each student enjoys full access to Training Link’s award-winning tutor support by phone and email.

Course material crafted by an in-house team of tutors and writers

Everything you receive has been carefully constructed by experienced writers and tutors. And that means an obsessive eye for detail. Training Link’s tutors are constantly speaking with students, to learn how they progress through the course material to make revisions to improve it even further.

This is why Training Link have a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot and why the pass rates for the most recently available twelve-month period are:

· 93.5% pass rate for AAT Level 2 Accounting

· 92% for AAT Level 3 Accounting

And the pass rate for Level 4 is 15.8% higher than the national average (77.8% vs 62% for the national average).

So how did George feel when he’d finished his studies?

“I am more than happy to have exceeded my initial goal, having achieved a distinction in 6 exams and having passed all bar one exam with a mark above 80% (78% in level 3 synoptic).”

One last word from George…

“Can you imagine that? One year ago, I was a disc jockey in Greece without any studies. And eleven months later, without even English being my native language, I work as an accountant in London having almost finished the AAT and having moved forward to the ACCA!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Training Link and my tutors Michele and Jennifer who played a big part on my successful AAT journey!”

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