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Two sides of A4 still works, but an example of a CV can include a PDF, website, social network profile, YouTube video or even an iPad app. Here are some of the best alternatives on offer.

Ten years ago, applying for a job involved laboriously scanning the job sections in newspapers, followed by hours spent perfecting your CV and posting copies of it out to dozens of businesses.

How things have changed. Now websites such as AAT Jobs, Jobsite and Monster enable you to upload your CV to the web, making your details and skills ‘searchable’ by prospective employers. Similarly, social network LinkedIn acts as a career-focused Facebook, while websites, blogs and Twitter streams can be used to showcase your profile.

Today, we’re not bound by the same job-hunting rules. Have you heard the story of Graeme Anthony? This forward-thinking graduate ditched his ho-hum CV in favour of a YouTube résumé to get a PR job. His introductory one-minute video linked to five other videos – ‘About me’, ‘Portfolio’, ‘Skills’, ‘Timeline’ and ‘Contact’ – to make an application that truly stood out. And, yes – he got the job. Here it is

You don’t need to go that far, of course. Here are three other options.

AAT Job Plan (AAT members only)

Avoid spending hours tweaking your CV and applications, then changing your mind and putting it all back how it used to be, by using AAT’s own online CV-building and application tracking service.

The modular system offers plenty of help with planning, writing and checking your CV, then follows it up with advice on the job hunt itself, as well as interview training and skills development.

There’s video content and practice material throughout, complete with hints from employers and recruiters. And, of course, it’s free to AAT members.

Interview Prep Questions (iPhone/iPad)

While most of the other apps here focus on finding a job, Interview Prep Questions hopes to help you get one.

What you get here is a series of digital flash cards with the sort of questions you might get asked in an interview. And the developer has baked in some classics (or clichés) that always seem to pop up in interviews, including: ‘What is your greatest strength?’ and ‘Tell me what you know about our company.’ Hit the ‘flip’ button on each question, and the virtual card will turn over to give you tips on how to answer them. The free version of the app features 50 questions.

Tweetjobs Accountancy & Finance (iPhone/iPad)

Tweetjobs leverages the power of social networking to connect recruiters and hiring managers with prospective candidates.

Head over to the App Store where there’s a range of industry-specific apps that will display relevant job tweets. Tweetjobs Accountancy & Finance integrates with high-profile agencies and clients in the accountancy and finance field and plugs you into a feed of the latest jobs. Twitter’s real-time updates mean that you could get tipped off about new jobs before anyone else.

Import your CV into Tweetjobs – you can fire it off by email as soon as you spot an opening.

Don’t forget you can also search accountancy jobs at AAT’s dedicated jobsite, AAT Jobs.

Steven Perryman is AAT Comment's former Content Editor.

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