Modern roles: What is an Outsourcing director?

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We take a look at some of the emerging roles you could undertake in the modern accounting industry, so you can find the perfect fit for your career.

Here’s what you need to know about a role as an Outsourcing director.

What an outsourcing director does 

Within an organisation, an outsourcing team specialises in overseeing sub-contracted projects, which includes everything from proposal review to creating budgets. Tom Wood, manager at Morgan McKinley, explains that an outsourcing director is responsible for shaping the strategic direction of the outsourcing function, training, coaching and managing employees, and working with key stakeholders internally to ensure that the outsourcing team is working closely with other parts  
of the business. 

Typical responsibilities of an outsourcing director 

“The real contribution that a more senior member of an outsourcing team can make is significant,” says Tom. “The majority of the role will incorporate managing a sizeable portfolio of clients (often across a broad range of sectors), as well as being tasked with winning new business for the firm. This new business can come from existing clients who are already signed up for audit and tax related services, but who haven’t yet explored how an outsourcing function can assist them.” 

Tom notes that an increased amount of new business can also stem from networking events, which allows outsourcing directors to discuss the value they can add, but also allows them to keep updated with any matters that will affect an outsourcing function. 

Earning potential 

“The size of the firm will determine the salary,” Tom says. “But on average, you can look at anywhere between £75,000-£95,000, which will continue to rise as the team expands or you move into partnership.” 

Skills required for the role 

As outsourcing directors are tasked with overseeing strategic direction, as well as training, coaching and managing employees, the role requires a strong communicator and networker. Tom says the role would suit “someone who is able to regularly take a step back from the day-to-day running of the team in order to consider how to grow the team (whether through recruitment or client acquisition) and in order to spot business opportunities”. 

Where you can find an outsourcing director role 

“The beauty of your role as an outsourcing director is that many of your clients will be start-up businesses, meaning your role in their establishment and growth is even more integral, more hands-on and therefore more rewarding,” Tom says.   

Is this role the right fit for you? 

  • Salary range of £75,000-£95,000 
  • Shape the strategic direction of the outsourcing function of a business 
  • Work with start-up businesses 
  • Strong communication and networking  
    skills required 

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