Opt in to the new digital AAT Student Magazine

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We are excited to announce that we’re launching a new digital AAT Student Magazine in Feb 2024.

The new AAT Student Magazine has a fresh look and feel, with a new design featuring new content formats, easy-to-scan content, and new and updated sections that better cater to our readers’ diverse needs.

Opt in to the digital version

We can’t just send you the digital version – data privacy regulations mean you have to opt in. It’s really easy to manage your preferences on AAT’s website.

  1. Login on aat.org.uk. Click on the three dots and choose “Edit My Details”
  2. Find AAT magazines and select edit for the preference you want to change
  3. Change the setting and click “Update”
  4. IMPORTANT – for your changes to be recorded, you must click “Confirm My Details”.

So don’t delay, do it today to make sure you don’t miss out.

The content team are the owners of AAT Comment.

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