7 recommended articles for AAT Advanced Final Accounts Preparation

Studying for your AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting? We’re here to help with our 7 recommended articles for your Final Accounts Preparation revision.

1. Cost of goods sold

This article is about the cost of goods sold (COGS) equation and how to manipulate it to find missing figures when working on a set of incomplete records.

2. Margins and mark-ups

In the previous article, we looked at how to calculate the cost of goods sold now we’re going to build on that understanding to consider mark-ups and margins.

3. Capital accounts

Understanding the concept of capital and what it means for a sole trader is vital for both the would-be self-employed and aspiring accounting professionals who compile their accounts.

4. How to successfully extend a trial balance

This article uses a small business scenario to suggest ways to help you successfully extend a Trial Balance (ETB) and is the culmination of the knowledge and understanding previously covered in both basic and advanced bookkeeping blogs. 

5. FAPR when partnerships dissolve, taking goodwill into account

Run through a scenario with our tutor on how to prepare final accounts when a partnership dissolves, taking goodwill value into account.

6. FAPR and accounting adjustments when partnerships dissolve

This article concludes the topic of goodwill and capital accounts, for those studying towards the AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting.

7. Tricky Topics Deciphered: Suspense accounts

Run through an example scenario with our accountancy learning specialist to find out:

  • What errors lead to suspense accounts?
  • How do you correct these trial balance errors

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