Hybrid apprenticeships are transforming how employers train their teams

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Since the pandemic, there has been a huge shift towards long-term hybrid working across most sectors.

Employers that have moved to a hybrid working model have benefited from improved levels of staff well-being. For these employers, a natural next step is to identify hybrid learning solutions for their workforce. 

Supporting employers every step of the way

At Mindful Education, we specialise in blended learning, delivering flexible courses and apprenticeships in accounting, management, law and human resources. We partner with over 65 training providers across the UK, and offer tailored training solutions based on individual business needs. 

Mindful Education supports employers across the public, private and third sectors. Our partners include NHS Trusts, local government bodies, accountants, solicitors and charitable organisations.

“We have used apprenticeships to upskill our workforce, which is where the big wins are for us as an organisation. When I first looked for an apprenticeship package, I wanted an online platform that would provide everything the apprentices needed. The flexibility in the platform and the variety of information has been really helpful. For us, the blended option will always be the preferred option, because of the flexibility it offers to all parties involved.” Emma Hart, Deputy HR Director, Ambitions Academies Trust

Professional qualifications

Mindful Education’s online learning platforms are structured to cover the knowledge component of each apprenticeship, including the embedded or related professional qualification. The following apprenticeships are available through the Online and On Campus model:

  • AAT Level 2 Accounts/Finance Assistant Apprenticeship
  • AAT Level 3 Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship 
  • AAT Level 4 Professional Accounting Technician Apprenticeship 

Achievement rates for Mindful Education’s courses are outstanding; 80% of Mindful Education learners who complete their qualification achieve a merit or distinction grade and pass rates are 10% above published AAT worldwide averages. 

The need for flexibility

Our professional apprenticeships have been crafted to make teaching and learning fit in and around work commitments. All our courses have been designed to make learning as engaging, enjoyable and flexible as possible, with on-demand access to materials.

Our apprenticeships enable the delivery of high quality, flexible training that empowers learners, minimises disruption to employers and delivers tangible results in the workplace.

“Working with Mindful Education has really helped us to innovate our provision. Our employers love it, the platform really offers us flexibility and gives us an opportunity to provide quality as well.” Ben Norrish, Business Account Manager, Strode College

On Campus sessions are carefully scheduled to integrate with online learning and we will create a bespoke training calendar that works for your team and your business. Each cohort of learners works to a unique calendar which is agreed in advance with the employer and training provider. Our courses are structured and paced, with lessons released to all learners in the group according to the agreed timetable.

Mindful Education’s unique user analytics enable employers, tutors and assessors to track the progress of learners in extraordinary detail. The Mindful Education academic team works closely with our training providers to ensure that all learners are progressing as expected. We send an alert to learners if they are not on track with their learning; any significant issues are raised quickly with the tutor or manager to ensure early intervention to manage any concerns.

Our courses are based on high-quality video lessons which are written and presented by our academic team. Learners can pause and re-watch sections of each video as often as they wish, ensuring they fully understand complex concepts. Lesson materials can be downloaded and accessed offline, allowing students and apprentices to apply what they have learnt to real-life work situations.

Each video lesson is accompanied by motion graphics to bring concepts to life. Key learning points are clarified and given emphasis through the careful use of our unique animations and Illustrations. After each video, there is a series of questions to help consolidate the key learning points.

Online studies can be accessed on demand from any device, so apprentices can log on to study during quiet periods at work, which counts towards the 6-hour off-the-job requirement

“The Online and On Campus approach to the apprenticeship has been perfect for me. Doing an apprenticeship as an adult and having a family and a full-time job is quite difficult to manage. Having the flexibility to incorporate the study within my working week is fantastic.” Micha, Finance Manager, Level 3 Accounting Apprentice 


To arrange an initial discussion or a demonstration of our learning platform, please get in touch: [email protected]

This content is brought to you by Mindful Education

Mindful Education create award-winning online courses and apprenticeships which set a new standard in the digital delivery of education.

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