20 magazine: Tips and tools to help you get ahead

20 magazine is where you find the best tips and tools from industry experts to allow you to get ahead in accountancy. Whether you’re looking for study tips to achieve your qualification or the inside scoop on what it’s really like to work in a particular sector, 20 magazine can help.

Launched in January 2018, 20 is AAT’s dedicated magazine for AAT Accounting Qualification students. Published three times a year, each issue features study tips, career advice and industry news to help you succeed in your studies and develop a rewarding finance career. For students, 20 is available online to all current AAT Accounting Qualification students and new affiliate members. 

Here we have compiled all the best bits from the latest issue. From downloads and links to events that are not to be missed!

Issue: 4

Want to build a cash flow statement? (template)

Cash flow statements tell you the position that a company is in. Is it growing? Is it in investment mode? Or does the statement show that the business doesn’t really know what it’s doing? Here’s the link to the template we talked about in How can I manage budgeting?

Motivate yourself by finding a study buddy online

If you can’t find someone on your course, try a forum or Facebook group.

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