How to get motivated when it seems impossible

Today’s action is to listen to the five minute podcast we’ve produced especially for you on getting motivated. This action will take you: 5 minutes

Often when we stop doing something, be it exercise, study or staying in touch with friends, it can feel harder to restart this routine than it was to even take the leap to begin with.

This is because we usually have a sense of passion and resolve when we commit to doing something new but this can quickly wane as hard work and discipline become difficult to maintain over time.

We can beat ourselves up thinking we’re a failure for not sticking to our schedule or by setting unattainable standards. We can look at all the work that is in front of us and just give up straight away. How do we overcome these common challenges and stay committed to our end goal?

In the following podcast, Jean Dowson, executive coach and leadership consultant, talks to us about how to set small, achievable goals, time management and creating a plan for developing balance in your life.

Today’s action

Listen to the five minute podcast on getting motivated.

Want to check out some of the digipills Jean recommended? HeadspaceDigipill and Happify have programs to help improve sleep, focus more and stress less.

For further reading on motivation Leo Babauta’s article on 16 ways to get motivated when you’re in a slump has some great tips.

Dale Rolfe is AAT's Content Editor.


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