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As much as we want you to avoid using your phone while you’re studying there are a lot of useful apps that can help you become more productive, healthy and organised.

Upgrade your study with one of these tried and tested apps that we love.


It’s by far the best to-do-list app I’ve come across. It has a simple, clean design and it syncs beautifully with its mobile app, PC app and website. It has an awesome colour coded labelling system so you can group your tasks by different areas of your life. You can accrue Karma points, watching your progress on tracked graphs and unlocking higher levels of ‘enlightenment’ as you hit your goals. – Siana Tulley, Online Community Coordinator


Do you find yourself sucked into the maze of Instagram, Facebook or Twitter when you’re meant to be studying? Forest is a procrastination buster designed to reward you when you don’t use your phone for set periods of time. If you have a task or project you need to focus on, set Forest to grow a virtual tree. If you don’t interact with your phone in the allotted time, you’ll grow your first plant, with the ultimate goal of growing an exotic forest. It’s the perfect tool if you need to dedicate time to study but struggle with digital interruptions. I often find myself distracted by alerts on my mobile and the need to check email or social media updates.

To combat this, I typically set Forest in 30 minute or one hour blocks. I find it really effective at making me stay away from my phone and will often find myself exceeding the allotted time to make sure my tree gets planted. Forest is great for helping you set a block of time to commit to a task, and makes you aware of how much time and energy web browsing consumes. I’ve also found it somewhat meditative. Unplugging from technology slows me down and makes my evenings more peaceful. – Benjamin Berry, Content Manger


I absolutely could not live without this! Good for organised and disorganised people. It’s a brain dump and allows quick access to information and syncs everywhere – phone, tablet, PC, web.  – Flaka Jasari, Deputy Content Editor


A productivity app for gaming types, Habitica allows you to turn your to-do lists into monsters that your avatar must defeat. The better you are, the further you progress in the game, accruing gear and moving up levels. Habitica works for those that enjoy instant gratification when hitting benchmarks. It also has a social function to allow you to compete and collaborate with other gamers, holding you accountable to your goals. – James Brant, Online Community Manager


I cannot recommend this app enough, it’s like my second brain. When it comes to having a place to dump all your notes, important documents, recipes, you name it – Evernote is the place to put it. Anything that you want to remember that isn’t a specific task or event, put it in Evernote. – Siana Tulley, Online Community Coordinator


I use Ted to bring some spark to my commute or when I want a break from writing but don’t want to fall down a rabbit hole of Youtube videos. Ted talks are usually never longer than 18 minutes which means they’re long enough to refresh my mind but not get me distracted. They are also incredibly inspirational and introduce me to people and ways of thinking that expand my worldview and encourage me to think about things in a new way. I often feel creative, committed and courageous by the end. My favourite videos are Jill Bolte Taylor’s My Stroke of Insight about her experience recovering from a stroke and Isabel Allende’s goosebump inducing perspective on How to live passionately – no matter your age. – Dale Rolfe, Content Editor

Wellnomics Workpace

When I began suffering from repetitive strain injury, wellbeing and ergonomics consultant Lee Jones advised me to try the wellnomics program. It’s a program that runs in the background of your computer and shows you how to do stretches in an office environment and take micropauses and breaks to optimise your focus and concentration. It prevents you from sitting in unnatural positions for too long and you can customise the settings to account for any past injuries and the app will automatically change the intensity of the stretches. – Flaka Jasari, Deputy Content Editor

Dinner Spinner

The huge recipe archive Allrecipes has a great app for making quick meals based on the ingredients you have in the fridge. I often buy basic groceries at the beginning of the week and then never really think through how I’m going to turn them into meals. On my way home I put the main ingredient into the app and it gives me customised recipes. I can narrow it down by how much time I have and it helps me avoid waste without overthinking meal plans. –  Dale Rolfe, Content Editor

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Dale Rolfe is AAT's Content Editor.


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